Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Shangri La - in one sense or the other...

The rabbit has been raiding plan.59, the archive of 50s stuff, again. I say 50s, this is from the section headed 'interiors' but dates back to 1949. It is headed television party. I quite like the idea of a television party but this one just seems to consist of slurping beer (a rabbit approved activity) and watching sport on tv (another rabbit approved activity save that the sport appears to be basketball - a mind numbingly uninteresting activity in the rabbit's opinion).

The rabbit's jaw rather sagged at this one. Vinyl asbestos! Easy to clean! Stain resistant! So long wearing! Contains an element that may cause a long, lingering death!


A 1949 advert for Mullins steel kitchens. What exactly is going on here remains obscure.

This is an ad for Jones ovens from 1956. The caption smugly announces 'how an industry's imagination captured the hearts of women'

Erm... Quite so. It's an oven.

This is from 1956. The caption reads ' "Sundae" basement solves everyday problems'. No doubt but just how violent is that pink? The rabbit ends with a clip prompted by Hank's Dreams (link to left) where Hank posted a compilation album cover from the early 1960s. One of the tracks was the Shangri-Las Remember - Walkin' in the Sand. One commenter on YouTube said they jump started his adolescence. No doubt.

And with a hop, skip and a jump we have the Angels with My Boyfriend's Back. There's some sort of connection operating in the rabbit mind here...

Meanwhile wimply sundered - sorry simply wondered claims to be in correspondence with 'Dave' - a prime minister - it's worth a snoop!


The Dental Maven said...

The Maven concurs with The Rabbit on the game of basketball. BORING!

Why did everyone seem to be so smartly dressed in the 50's?? My goodness, how things have changed.

savannah said...

a trip down memory lane, sugar! girl groups were the height of cool weren't they? don't ask me why, but i thought the angels (my boyfriends back) were one of those girl groups out of detroit with the big teased hair and the skintight pencil skirts...xoxoxo

JoJo said...

Basketball is SO dull. I was also going to agree about how people dressed back then. My god, put on some sweats and a tshirt and get comfy!

The sundae basement looks as though a horrible bloody crime took place. Are you sure these aren't photos of Sharon Tate's home after the carnage?

As for the Mullins steel kitchens, I think the young couple is shooing a mother in law out of the kitchen. At least we hope. Either that or it's a subtle advert for the fundamentalist Mormon polygamy lifestyle...

Holly said...

I agree with JoJo about the Mullins kitchens and the shooing of the in-law. Other ideas:
-Floor had been shined up so much that the man had pushed both women across the kitchen, in the same style of kids wearing socks on a slippery floor.
-The 3 individuals had a few beers, started a conga line, but then the older woman took the joke a little too far and the "dance train" disintegrated.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

Kentile never wore out. I've recently seem Kentile floors that still look like new. As long as the tiles are not chipping or broken, there's no problem with the asbestos.

That's definitely MIL in the Mullins kitchen. I've shooed a couple MILs out of my kitchen in the past couple decades.

I truly enjoyed the clapping and finger snapping. You should see me doing my 1960's girl group backup routine.

simply wondered said...

thanks for the link, rabbit - truly honoured. as ever, any friend of yours will be a welcome guest. and it's working: my traffic shot up to 7 page views tother day.

oh, did i give the impression my friend dave is prime minister of anything?

white rabbit said...

Maven/JoJo - Yup. That deals with basketball. I don't know why it's such a big deal in the states. You could get the people who would cross the road to watch it into a telephone booth (if you could find one these days) over here.

JoJo/Holly (to whom welcome to my humble blog)/Catchy - I agree. It's the mother in law. She seems very pleased with her eviction from the kitchen, though. Oh - JoJo - the Sundae basement does look like the scene of crime photos in the last murder case I did now you come to mention it.

Savvy/Catchy - Good nostalgia stuff or what? The girl bands I mean. Catchy - 'You should see me doing my 1960's girl group backup routine' Go on then ;)

SW - I'll send a virtual flash mob over to your blog. Except maybe write more. You do it so well.

simply wondered said...

*even more preening*