Saturday, 19 June 2010

Scary kids and naff logos - plus Kaz.

Mahal - an indefatigable provider of material for the rabbit - draws attention to a website with rich potential for blogplunder - plan - described as the museum and gift shop of mid-century illustration. I know I'm going to be back for more. As a sign of quality, it links with Shorpy (linki to left), a personal fave. One page, from which these images are taken, is headed Demonic Tots and and Deeply Disturbing Cuisine - the child above does look like living proof of demonic possession. What is being spread on her bread? Is it really jam or more likely the pulverised entrails of her latest victim? Be afraid, be very afraid.

This isn't much better. Junior Cannibal of the Year 1958 about to feast on a slice of her victim's leg? 'Would you like some mustard with that, Miss Lecter?'

Bloody hell! Quite apart from the disgusting display of greed, have a look at that boy's teeth! Coo-eeee!!!! Maven!!! Your talents are urgently needed.

Mahal also draws my attention to a website called Bored Panda - described as 'the only magazine for pandas' - this being the only magazine for pandas does not surprise me as (a) there aren't many pandas and (b) so far as I know they can't read. Among other goodies, it has the worst 15 logo fails ever. Below is one of them - I've posted this before when it first came out - it's one of those things that makes you proud to be British. It's the Office for Government Commerce logo. It looks okay until you turn it on its side.

More seriously top blogger Kaz has broken a long period of silence with the sad news that she is struggling with ovarian cancer. If you have had previous contact with her - or even if you haven't - pop over and offer a message of support. The more the merrier!


savannah said...

there's an advert fopr a bbq place here in the south and i swear, sugar, the little girl looks as if she's some sort of cannibal. when i find a pic, i'l send you the link.

re KAZ y'all are a sweetheart for sending folks over to her. we're all sending love her way! xoxoxoxox

The Dental Maven said...

Good God! In addition to allowing pasta to hang dry on those dentiles, the boy could be used as a bottle opener! Thanks for the shout-out Rabbit...and though I've not met her, certainly all the best to blogger Kaz.

tony said...

To Be Fair, that Spaghetti does look rather tasty! Yummy! Those adverts really work! I Feel hungry!
Yes,Everybody visit KAZ.Manchester's finest Lass.

Findon said...

The kid with the spaghetti is straight off the cover of MAD comics, I swear to God.

JoJo said...

Thank you for the hearty laugh this afternoon. Those kids are scary but your comments were a hoot. And no one is pointing out the half eaten hot dog in the boy's hand along w/ 2 more on the table. I mean ew. Hotdogs and spaghetti?

The OGC logo reminds me of an OMD album cover.

white rabbit said...

Savvy - Send it open - we've got atheme going heer I syuspect.

Maven - I'm sure you could fix him. You've got da gift! :D

Tony - I used to get that spaghetti in tomato sauce stuff for lunch in primary school. We called it worms. Not to mention the quiches - aka sick pie.

Findon - You mean George W Bush/Tony B.Liar lookalike Alfred E Neuman?

JoJo - We aim to please. I'd noticed the hot dogs. There appear to be a pile on the table (no plate) to the little greedhead's left.


Charon QC said...

The demonic kids are fantastic. They are like the children I would have had - had I been unfortunate enough to have had some.

One of the good things about not having children is that i did not have to spend any time opening a present of socks and smiling at the little bastards who wasted my money on buying me socks.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Cannibal Girl is creepy as shit.

white rabbit said...

Charon - I'm sure you could borrow some from somewhere - complete with socks

SB - Uh Huh. Couldn't agree more.