Monday, 4 February 2013

Oh dear, over four months - this calls for some spamming ;)

So the rabbit has been absent for over four months - as in completely. I think that this is a sign of the times. Facebook is - I strongly suspect - killing blogging or at least making it distinctly unwell. A qualification is in order - it isn't going to kill off the Huffington Post or in another neck of the political woods, the Guido Fawkes blog. However the everyday 'citizen bloggers' - who have made a considerable contribution to the public good in my opinion - are giving up, slackening off or huddling together for safety.

I do think this is a pity but have succumbed to the - erm - charms of Facebook myself. If anyone would like to 'friend' me (sic - since when did friend become a verb? okay since Facebook that's when) then feel free to send request to Andrew Keogh on the dread Facebook. I will no doubt accept ... I'm not picky ;)

I think the solution is maybe to reproduce the lengthier Facebook posts here. It seems a shame to let go of White Rabbit completely. I'll see if I can do that ...

In the meantime, I have published a crime e-book on amazon. Here are the links to and

Go buy! Forgive the shameless spamming.