Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Amendment IV

Above is Amendment IV to the US Constitution. It's the one about unreasonable searches and how they are a bad thing and good stuff it is, I'm sure all will agree. The US Transportation Security Administration's intrusive regime of body scans and pat-downs is said by various members of the awkward squad to contravene this amendment. The intrusive nature of the scans is made clear by the image below.

But some insolent fellows are fighting back. Below is a t-shirt with the 4th Amendment printed in metallic ink so that it shows up nice and clear on the scanner.

Similarly inscribed socks and underwear are available including the crisp and to the point 'READ THE 4TH AMENDMENT PERVERTS' underpants.

The rabbit approves of this sort of witty, down up dissent. Get the t-shirt! Hat Tip to Fred Langa via Charon QC and welcome back to Carol via assorted indignities of the above sort at Logan International Airport.


sybil law said...

LOVE it!
Although, I don't really care who sees me naked. Just not a big deal to me. Unless I'm trying to take some weed. Which of course I wouldn't do, but back in the good old days, I did quite frequently.

the guy in the silk taffeta dress said...

I'd rather go through pat downs and x-rays then get blown away mid-flight by some insane terrorist.

They are out there, you know.That's why this precautionary measure is being taken.
Better safe than sorry.

The Dental Maven said...

What?? No thongs with metallic ink??? Why, that's sexist!

tony said...

Well ,yes, but given what happened to that twitter bloke who threatened to "bomb" Doncaster Airport.the wearer would probably get arrested for "Threatening Security" The First Victim Of Freedom is Irony....

JoJo said...

I want some of that underwear. I am absolutely incensed at the invasive nature of the airport security now. I refuse to fly till they get it sorted out. I'm a very private, shy, prudish person and I won't undress in a woman's gym lockerroom, so I don't want to be molested or xrayed in the buff. Fuck that.

This is all well and good till the terrorists start sticking explosives in their rectums. Then what? Full body cavity searches before we can fly?

The terrorists have won. They wanted to terrify us, and they succeeded.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

Our citizens overwhelmingly want security over freedom so they continually allow the government to shred the US Constitution piece by piece. That's one way the terrorists can destroy the US without physically blowing anything up. In that respect they are succeeding.

The t-shirts are great, but not enough people will buy them.

Michael said...

Should've used a flying pastie! ;-)


At least everyone will get a chuckle when the TSA officer then insists on grope (I mean "pat down"). Ahem.

Anonymous said...

My (hot) friend was picked out of the line to be scanned when she went to Italy. Her mum freaked out; the whole thing did stink of impure motives. It was a bit like the roadies picking out the hottest groupies for Bono and The Edge.

I am still sort of stunned and horrified at the indignity of this - and it's something I don't really want to get used to.

Logistically, they will never be able to make sure that every scanner operator is this really mature, austere professional person so that it's like being seen nude by the doctor. They want to get young lads on the cheap.

Petit fleur said...

Damn rebels! You gotta love em!

Thank you for keeping me in the loop, however perverse it may be.