Friday, 26 February 2010

Off to London for the weekend...

So time for some more Vladimir Kush stuff on the hoof. Talking of which, the above is called 'Black Horse'.


Not sure what this is called..
And finally for now, The Elderly Gentlemen's Liberation Front presents, as a parting shot, the old grump himself complete with Tom Petty and Knocking on Heaven's Door


JoJo said...

Have fun in London! I am going to have to track down some of this guy's art. Hopefully it's in a book. Love the Dylan's just way too short though. Loved how the Dead did it too.

savannah said...

i am enjoying this art show, sugar! while you're in london, have a meal at khan's and then tell me how lovely it was! if y'all don't already know the place, i promise, y'all will enjoy it!
(it's one of my favorite places) xoxoxo

tony said...

Give My Love To The Smoke