Monday, 15 February 2010

lowering the tone

After the outburst of erudition on WR recently some lowering of the tone is plainly in order. What better way to start than a fart joke? Even better, a visual one so as to minimise intellectual exertion. The persons above describe themselves as the 'Royal Family' and the one second from left indulges the whimsy that he is a person named the 'Duke of Edinburgh'. With Hat Tip to His Holiness, the suggestion here is that the Duke of Edinburgh person has - ahem - dropped one.

Notwithstanding the flurry of photoshopped ridicule visited on 'Dave' Cameron's airbrushed poster, the Conservatives have brought out a new lot. The theme is people who have never gone in for voting Tory - a weird kink it has to be said - before. As can be seen above, those naughty spoofers are at it again. Okay then - after this one just one more airbrushed 'Dave' spoof...

This one is quite irresistible. there's something strange about Blair's teeth, though. Perhaps they have been photoshopped too.

Time to raise the tone again. Mahal draws my attention to a story to the effect that French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy (bear with me...) has been hoaxed into quoting a nonexistent nineteenth century philosopher called Botul (as in Botulism, geddit?) Levy's reference came from Botul's equally nonexistent volume 'The Sex Life of Immanuel Kant', in which it was suggested that the well-known German idealist philosopher was obsessed with masturbation. This I find hard to believe of the author of Critique of Pure Reason but there's no telling these days, as I'm sure you'll all agree.


Verdant Earl said...

That Botulism story is awesome. Even though Levy is still sticking to his self-righteous guns. Friggin' French Philosopers!

tony said...

Wankers or Farters ....apart from Mr Cameroon who is both.

savannah said...

all y'all just tell the best stories ever! perhaps that's why some of my favorite lines come from monty python movies...xoxoxox

Petit fleur said...

That royal farting is pretty damn funny stuff! You really have out done yourself this time!

I have not comment on the rest, as it scares me. I'll stick to the royal farting portion of the show.

Mrs. Hall said...

jeez you post a lot. but.

I had scones with tea today.



I watched Wallace and Grommit!

cause i'm multicultural!

that being said. I am now a subscriber.


JoJo said...

One of the priests at St. Joseph's College where I went for my first 2 years, was from Armenia or something. He taught Philosophy 101 (which I didn't take). My friends enjoyed his pronunciation of Emmanuel Kant. Because it didn't come out 'Kant', it came out 'Kunt'.