Friday, 19 February 2010

A few more early Biff

The rabbit has been careering up and down the country with far too many very early starts for his liking so blogging has been a bit perfunctory of late. Here are a few more early Biff cartoons to keep the show on the road before I can re-charge the brain for more substantial stuff.

Do you know you've got your elbow in your lasagne? You hum it, I'll play it!.... Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

This last one is for Kaz who is apparently under the weather after medical persons have been prodding and poking her. Hope this cheers your Kazness up!

Just one sort of serious piece. There is a new book out called True Blue: Strange Tales From a Tory Nation by two guys called Chris Horrie and David Matthews in which our intrepid investigators set out to offer their services to various Conservatives to see if the brand had been really detoxified as 'Dave' would have us believe.

Guess what? Well let the Conservatives speak for themselves. Campaigning against Susan Kramer, Liberal Democrat MP, the dynamic duo were told endlessly to emphasise that she was an 'outsider' and 'foreigner'. When asked how so the answer was 'she’s a Jewess (sic) but we aren’t allowed to say that. So all we can say is that she got off the train from Hungary'.

One particular charmer was Ian Oakley, former Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Watford (former everything now he has copped a suspended prison sentence for offences of harassment and criminal damage but not before unburdening himself of the announcement that he planned to make many trips to Israel where he would take a machine gun and a flame-thrower to destroy Palestinian villages.

Finally for now, I blogged about Dave Stooge Joanne Cash and her travails with the Westminster North Conservatives on the 11th of this month but did not at that point know the views of the local party agent, Jonathan Fraser-Howells, 'it makes me sick seeing pregnant stomachs around'. Ms Cash is pregnant.

Lovely people. These grotesques in government will be Blair/Brown's legacy - or a part of it.


KAZ said...

Ah - Thanks for the Marienbad reminder - mine was dog eared and full of drawing pin holes.
Hope that book's a best seller - it makes Winterton's remarks about First Class travel seem almost bland.

savannah said...

i feel such the poor american cousin, sugar! *sigh* xoxoxox

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Are these Biff moments reminders that we may be looking at another age of Tory rule? What would be the difference? Hasn't Alan B'Stard switched parties to become a labourite?

In fact, I always thought Tony Blair did a wonderful impression of Alan B'Stard.

No, that was his actual demeanour.

white rabbit said...

Kaz - I think I shall order thew book! Maybe a WR book review after a respite.

Savvy - I hear you. UK politics is banned for a while (see above)

Laci - New Labour, New B'Stard. I really don't want to think about it, though...