Saturday, 7 November 2009

The muse is not upon me...

So here is a rock classic - J. Geils Band with Centrefold or Centerfold in American. Here also is a stunning photograph with hat tip to Jailhouse Lawyer who posts a lot of wonderful photographs but this is an absolute classic of the Northumberland coast (that's North-East England for the uninitiated) with the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle. Are the colours not exquisite?

This came to my attention from yesterday's Yorkshire Evening Post...

"Police today called for an end to an "unjustified" hate campaign sparked by a soccer thug's behaviour during Leeds United's recent match at Millwall.
A supporter of the South London club was photographed at the game on October 24 wearing a shirt belonging to Turkish side Galatasaray.

The yob's bizarre 'fashion statement' was a sick reference to the deaths of two United fans in Istanbul nine years ago.

The picture ran in a national newspaper the day after the match - and its subject was subsequently named on the internet as Darren Robertson.

But now, in a joint statement, Millwall and the Metropolitan Police have said the person in the photo is NOT Mr Robertson.

The statement reads: "Mr Robertson and his family have been subjected to an unjustified hate campaign from certain individuals and as such, to prevent this from going further, we would like to take this opportunity to confirm that the picture was not (of] Darren Robertson.

"The Metropolitan Police and Millwall FC are continuing their investigation into the true identity of the individual."

Leeds United responded to the statement by appealing for their fans not to contact Mr Robertson".

The background is tragic and the real perpetrator low life but I can't help but nominate the word 'contact' in the United response for euphemism of the year. As an answer to the low life, here is Leeds v Southampton 1971-72 season. Ole!


Petit fleur said...

I forget how much I like to watch soccer. I especially liked the ending part where they're passing a lot and there's a little tricky back kicky thing! That was fun!

Unknown said...

I like that J. Geils tune. I can't think of it without remembering the MTV video with those cute high-school dancers all over the place.

Barlinnie said...

Mr Rabbit, the public 'insults' swapped between rival fitba 'fans' has sickened many up here for years.

Bobby Sands still appears on a regular basis, as does Lord Mountbatten, and the great famine.

I'm sure the Union Jack waving fraternity often chortle amongst themselves at our 'unexplained' anger.

white rabbit said...

Fleur - very pleasing in-deeeeeeeeeeeeed!

Mike - The clip is on YouTube but embedding is disabled.

Jimmy - Agree completely, evenm if my own are known occasionally to launch off on Munich stuff at away games (you get banned for life if you're caught doing it at Elland Road). I dont like Man U - to put it mildly - but I like that stuff less. As someone once asked, why remind them they once had a team?

I prefer the Chelsea scum song ;)

Petit fleur said...

Ah, what is the Chelsea scum song? Can you hum a few bars for us?