Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A bit of law...

This cheered me up greatly. For overseas readers, Carter Ruck are a prominent firm of defamation lawyers. I've never seen the point of defamation, which seems more showbiz than law. What's wrong with offering the miscreant out? Hat Tip to Daniel Hoffman-Gill.
With Hat Tip to boingboing via Charon QC, here is an instructive clip. We are the most spied on nation on earth with CCTV everywhere but poking up the bog at our bums and that's only a matter of time. But do some filming yourself and trouble follows. I asked on WR ages ago 'what are PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) for? Here is the answer - mindlessly harassing a photographer including implying she is a terrorist, demanding to see her footage and generally giving her a hard time for being 'cocky' - as boingboing comments 'failing to cringe sufficiently'. Senior police officers have admitted that anti-terror legislation was being 'widely abused...to question and search innocent photographers' and that the practice should stop. Somehow the message hasn't filtered down to these numpties.


Verdant Earl said...

Wasn't Carter Ruck the name of the slimy corporate slug that Paul Reiser played in Aliens?

Nope...that was Carter Burke. Nevermind.

savannah said...

numpties! what an apt word, sugar! grand content, too! xoxox

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Thanks for the nod White Rabbit.

How did you find me?

white rabbit said...

Earl - Indeed. Carter Ruck do stand on their dignity. I commented on Daniel Hoffman-Gill's blog where I found this that they wrote to 'Private Eye' (a British satirical magazine for the uninitiated) asking them to stop referring to the firm as 'Carter Fuck' and gota reply to the effect that the Eye would be delighted to comply with this request. In future it would be 'Farter Fuck'.

savannah - I've got if anything overfond of the word numpty and its plural form - the word is Scottish in origin Mr Google tells me.

Daniel - I followed link from Tory Troll but I have come across you before. Consider yourself blogrolled!

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Cool, nice one, I think you spend some time at Renegade Eye?

A blog I have stopped visiting due to high infestation of right-wing trolls.

Anywho, nice to cross paths with you.