Monday, 21 December 2009

Barristerman and an apology

Hat Tip to the great and glorious Charon QC (link to left) who is adding Great British Artist to his many talents. Here is his Barristerman for the edification of the multitude.
I also owe an apology to Marie Kreft for not Hat Tipping her for the infamous Gaviscon advert. To make amends here is a big heads up for her copywriting business Good as Gold Word Services which anyone in the entire universe in need of a copywriter should contact immediately. I trust this makes sufficient amends.


Petit fleur said...

Oh my God! Is that your other identity? Barristerman??

Nice legs.

JoJo said...

But where do you change into your costume now that there aren't anymore phone booths? lol

Marie said...

Ohhh, *blush*! Well that more than makes amends - thank you. Happy Christmas to you :)