Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Not Yer Rock & Roll 2

Now this is the Kinks (I promise to return to the subject of the Kinks at some future date - the most English of rock bands and among the most underrated) but in no way could it be called rock and roll. It is their rendition of The Village Green Preservation Society, heard recently on the soundtrack of Hot Fuzz. I defy you to say it doesn't make you smile. And for singalong purposes, here are the lyrics...

We are the village green preservation society

God save donald duck, vaudeville and variety

We are the desperate dan appreciation society

God save strawberry jam and all the different varieties

Preserving the old ways from being abused

Protecting the new ways for me and for you

What more can we do

We are the draught beer preservation society

God save mrs. mopp and good old mother riley

We are the custard pie appreciation consortium

God save the george cross and all those who were awarded them

We are the sherlock holmes english speaking vernacular

Help save fu manchu, moriarty and dracula

We are the office block persecution affinity

God save little shops, china cups and virginity

We are the skyscraper condemnation affiliate

God save tudor houses, antique tables and billiards

Preserving the old ways from being abused

Protecting the new ways for me and for you

What more can we do

God save the village green.


Anonymous said...

I commend you for your taste, sir.
I love The Kinks!!!

Bruce Johnson said...

While they are considered talented in their day...I just could never get into Ray Davis and his brother. Just not my style.

Daisy said...

Just loooove the song, particularly the version featured on the BBC SESSIONS--one of my favorite relaxation CDs!

Verdant Earl said...

Absolutely love this song.

I purchased this album for my younger sister a few years back as a semi-joke (she has no idea about music pre-1990) because it was goofy.

I was thrilled to see that Kodak (or somebody else) decided to use "Picture Book" as their pitch song a couple of years back, and of course the inclusion of this song in "Hot Fuzz". Perfect compliment.

Frank Partisan said...

See my blog, it's recipe time.

white rabbit said...

All - more Kinks to follow...

Renegade - hugely flattered by entry in your blog but a little disappointed you didn't launch into marxist analysis of this song ;)