Monday, 15 August 2011

Apes, Knob Extra and Christine

As threatened yesterday, the rabbit hopped off with no great expectations - and despite an e-mail from Boston, Mass saying not to waste the rabbit's time on it -  to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It's actually okay. Even better than okay. I'd seen the criticism that it doesn't have a plot but in point of fact it does. Quite a clever one too. Good visually too. Go see. Ave Caesar.

Yesterday's posting was somewhat rushed so did not quite give the magnificence that is Michele Bachmann full exposure - but did give her one too many 'l' in her first name. Anyway, Michele has an unusual husband named Marcus who is involved with la Bachmann in a body - I don't actually think it is called Pray Away The Gay - but that is the general idea - which helpfully explains that prayer could rid people of homosexual urges and resulting in eventual be 're-orientation'.

Don't try this one at home kids. Andrew Sullivan, the excellent Sunday Times American correspondent describes Marcus to the effect of him being camper than Graham Norton which would suggest that all may not be well on the re-orientation front chez Bachmann. Mind you they have loads of children, Oh never mind...

More sensibly, our heroine introduced a  Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act. No doubt a useful piece of legislation.

Meanwhile Michelle's co-knob Rick Perry has signed execution warrants for some ridiculous number of people including at least one apparently innocent person. Seems a very suitable candidate. Just like Michele.

Even more meanwhile, Christine O'Donnell keeps e-mailing the rabbit. Her latest news is that she has a book coming out. Here is the link to the Publishers Weekly webpage for this august opus. Go on! Post a comment! You know you want to! Most demented comment wins a Golden Rabbit (virtual of course).


Verdant Earl said...

Ugh...I was just reading about Cameron Todd Willingham earlier today. Incredibly wrong...

simply wondered said...

co-knob ... tee hee.

White Suit said...

I thought Rise of the Planet of the Apes was a sequel of Planet of the Apes starring Mark Wahlberg.

Laci The Dog said...

I wish you posted a link for the Andrew Sullivan quote. I can't find it.

dog gone said...

Laci lead me here.

Michele Bachmann and her stupid incandescent light bulb legislation: one expensive, inefficient dim bulb promoting another. Among Minnesota representatives in Congress, she has consistently had the highest expenses for her offices, the lowest attendance in Congress, zero legislation actually passed - most of it died ignominiously in committee where even other Republicans thought she proposed stupid ideas. Her pronouncements consistently fail fact checking; I don't believe she has ever NOT failed one. And she is one of the biggest promoters of anti-intellectual / pro-DUMB in politics, anywhere, any time.


sybil law said...

Michele Bachmann's husband would LOVE a Knob.
Slob Knob.
I am always classy, eh?

white rabbit said...

Earl - I've done some reading on it too. Shocking stuff. I may blog on his case soon..

SW We do out best

White Suit - Welcome to my humble blog. No, Rise is sort of tangential to the other Planet of the Apes movies. Maybe a sort of prequel but we shall see.

Laci - I looked for the Sullivan quote (I read it in paper copy) but unfortunately it's behind the Murdoch paywall of it's anywhere.

Absent Canine - Welcome to my humble dog - sorry blog. After your comments about Bachmann I expect the next thing you will tell me is that Christine O'Donnell is not exactly the last of the great medieval thinkers either...

Sybil - Don't ever change.

Pearl said...

I am going to steal "co-knob" -- giving you credit! -- and use it often. Beautiful.

Ahh. Michelle Bachmann. Rumors re: her husband are longstanding here in Minnesota. And all those kids? Not sure how many have been biological but I do know she's had 23 foster kids (all who stayed anywhere from a month to a year). Government handouts for Miz Bachmann? As we say in MN: You Betcha!


p.s. Those lovely Cavalli shoes of which I spoke yesterday? The real deal. :-) The whole "story", if it can be described as such!, happened last April, actually, and I've been wearing them ever since. :-D

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