Monday, 19 October 2009

Visual effects: 100 years of inspiration

The above was nicked from savannah who nicked it from someone else herself. So the blogworld goes round.

I have just returned from Telford which is a seriously weird place. Like most new towns the layout of the centre is confusing and is a town centre Jim, but not as we know it. Below is a picture of the God-forsaken dump. I have also discovered a new rail franchise to hate - Arriva Trains Wales, grubby, tatty and overcrowded.


JoJo said...

It doesn't look like that bad a town.....

Barlinnie said...

I was there once... just once. Never again after they cast me out for having two eyes that were side-by-side.

Petit fleur said...

The town does look a little drab... but never having been there, I'm taking your word for it.

The visuals video was really cool. Have you ever seen the sand artists? It's really amazing to watch those folks work. There are several styles of it too. You can check it out on utube.

Good post!