Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Beau Bo D'Or strikes again...

This is irresistible! After the postings about Griffin's appearance on Question Time and Springtime for Hitler I discover that Beau Bo d'Or (link to left) has been keeping up the good work with a clip that combines the two. Just sit back and enjoy. For overseas readers, Griffin aka FatFuck the Fascist (nice one Charon!) is the leader of a fascist party called the BNP (British National Party). It won two seats in the European Parliament this year and thus the BBC concluded in its infinite wisdom that it was necessary in the interests of political balance to have FatFuck the Fascist - sorry Griffin - on flagship current affairs panel programme Question Time. Then things got very lively. I didn't even see the programme but gather FatFuck didn't acquit himself too well including an embarrassing amnesiac episode as regards his previous holocaust denying writings.

Talking of the BBC, it may be necessary to drag law into this blog shortly as I am on BBC Radio 4 Law in Action next Monday discussing Ken Macdonald as DPP. I was recorded at BBC Birmingham yesterday. They have a dirty great dalek just by reception. I was pleased to note.

FatFuck the Dalek


Petit fleur said...

Ok, I must admit, when it comes to "news" I'm pretty much on a need to know basis because I get pretty depressed if I am too far in the loop... so please excuse my ignorance. Is this Fatfuck your Rush Limbaugh?

Also DAMN!!You are going to be on BBC!!! I will listen to THAT! I do sometimes anyway, when I can't sleep. We get it on our public radio stations, but it comes on late at night. Do you know what day it will actually air? Or is it live on Mon?
Well break a leg, and give em hell.. or whatever they say on your side of the puddle.

Petit fleur said...

Ok, I have reread your last paragraph and realize my blunder! It is very hard to keep 3 year old entertained whilest reading.

Ok, so now my question is... Do you know if the air date will be the same for us here in the US? (I know the time will be different, but..)

Barlinnie said...

If I had to make a rough estimate, I'd sat that the Dalek is only slightly less flawed in it's design than old Fatfuck himself.

It did however win hands down in its mission of popularity on its stance in taking over the world though.

white rabbit said...

Jimmy - Yeah, comparatively the Daleks have really impressive social skills.

Fleur - I think the broadcast is 8pm UK time but I'll double check....

Ahh - thank you Mr Google - I'm completely wrong.


I'd guess it goes out same time in the Staes but I don't know!

Mahal said...

Yes the Daleks are definitely more humane than Griffin; but we shouldn't only attack him. There's far too much appeasement of those who vote for him - "only a protest vote because of the economy", etc. They are as guilty as those who voted for Hitler.
In case you missed it a BNP Euro candidate, who until recently exported gallows to Robert Mugabe has been charged with possessing explosives and with owning an illegal weapon. You can see a photo of this member of the master race at:
and details of what the BNP explains are trumped-up charges at:
US time is several hours behind GMT, depending where in the US you are, so "Law in Action" will be on Tuesday morning and Thursday early afternoon.

white rabbit said...

Mahal - Good God! I'm generally against capital punishment but if trhe member of the master race you draw my attention to wants to demonstrate his nice gallows in person, I ain't stopping him.

Yes I know the USA is behind GMT - 5 hours on the east coast I think - but you know what I mean. Didn't quite come out right.

Mahal said...

Congratulations on your appearance in "Law in Action": shame they don't know the difference between a barrister and a solicitor!