Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Yorkshire flag, Death Row and Clarence White

The rabbit has returned from a short break to notice a bizarre story as regards the Yorkshire flag (above). For overseas readers, Yorkshire is the largest English county and the population are - erm - a singular lot (I can say this as a Yorkshireman) and have local pride coming out of their ears. A local patriot by the name of Andrew Wainwright took to flying the white rose flag. The result: a summons by Ryedale District Council. The 'reason' was that the flag supposedly constituted advertising (advertising of what remains obscure) and was thus subject to a planning charge. The result was general uproar, ridicule and the mass ordering of Yorkshire flags by Mr Wainwright's fellow villagers. THere has been a happy ending, however. The summons was withdrawn in the face of general derision and the Flag Institute (a body I confess I had never heard of before) has registered the Yorkshire flag as an official emblem and thus exempt from planning permission. The newly officially sanctioned flag is to be carried in triumph on foot from Hull to York to arrive in time for Yorkshire Day - 1st August.

A victory over jobsworths with apparently nothing better to do.

On a more sombre note, I return to Texas Death Row - I have been forwarded an online petition for a new trial for a Texas Death Row prisoner named Reginald Blanton - I would ask all bloggers of goodwill to sign the petition and pass it on. The link also gives some information about the case including the bizarre, and apparently uniquely Texan, 'jury shuffle'.


As my posting on Texas Death row is now deeply buried in the dread 'Older Posts' here is the link...


Finally, and for no particular reason other than the song came to mind the other day, here from the beginning of time is a grainy clip of the late Clarence White of Byrds fame (killed by a drunk driver) with Truck Stop Girl. All together now (well those of you of a certain age anyway)

But he was so young/and on a ten city run/in love with the Truck Stop Girl...


Anonymous said...

Sadly, the current British stance on flying flags is seriously third world. It's time that England dropped it's "let's not offend anyone" and took pride in it's once green and pleasant land.

Up here in the far North I fly the Scotttish flag from each of my business premises as well as my hilltop residence at home. It's all about pride... something that any Yorkshireman will be only too happy to tell you about.

Verdant Earl said...

That flag item is pretty weird. Why would they care? Adverstising? Seems curious.

Simon Anderson said...

The flag is advertising the sentiment that "If thas not from Yorkshire, stuff the lot of yer!"

Ah, how I love Gods Own County and its blunt tongued folk.

Anonymous said...

One of my best friends is from Yorkshire. I always go to him when I need a translation. I'll share this flag story with him.

Thanks for the petition. The death penalty in the US makes me proud to be an expat.

Great music video, for which I am old enough.

Bruce Johnson said...

Planning Charge? Flag Institute? Gawd, your government sounds as screwed up and log jammed as the states. I thought you Brits had sorted all this out over the years and had a legal system where bullshit dosen't reside.

Anonymous said...


I have awarded Ryedale a "For Idiocy" medal as per your nomination!

Being a Scot - albeit a London based one - I do, in fact, have a saltire. Only problem - no flagpole. I shall bring the flag out and wave it about on my roof terrace.

Yes... that should do it.

Frank Partisan said...

I signed.

Meatbe said...

Hi Andrew--Like my fellow Yanks who have commented here, I have a bit of difficulty understanding the whole flag controversy. While we admittedly have many things that need improving upon in the states, freedom of expression is one thing that is very highly valued in our country.

white rabbit said...

Thanks to all for comments - American (and Scottish!) comments show how ludicrous the whole Yorkshire flag thing was...

Thanks to Renegade - and others who let me know by other means - that they signed Blanton petition.

As sound (andeed picture) quality on 'truck Stop Girl' clip are not that much cop - here are lyrics - a cautionary tale...

Tailights flickerin, as he pulled up to a truckstop
The same old crowd was hangin out again tonight
He said, fill up my tank while I go check my load
It feels like its shifting all around

He was the kind of man, do all he could
Above all he had integrity
But he was so young
And on a ten city run
In love with a truck stop girl

As he went inside, he was merrily greeted
By the girl with whom he was in love
She held out a glass and said, have another
This is the last time we can meet

With her hair piled up high and a look in her eye
That would turn any good mans blood to wine
All his eyes could see, well all his eyes could see
Was the stare from all those around him

He ran out to the lot, and climbed into his rig
And drove off without tightening down
It was a terrible thing, to see what remained
Of the rig that poor Danny was in

And he was so young and on a ten city run
In love with a truck stop girl
But he was so young, and on a ten city run
In love with a truck stop girl

JoJo said...

Hello! I have added you to my blogroll as well.

I signed the Petition. Ah yes, Texas... our one state that insists on swift cowboy/vigilante justice. Let the record reflect that I did not vote for that moron in the white house.

I don't understand what the big deal is about the flag though. It's not like it's the flashpoint Southern rebel flag that symbolizes racism and the KKK. Question: Does the white rose flag of Yorkshire have anything to do with the (extremely confusing)War of the Roses?

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