Sunday, 9 March 2008

Yer Rock & Roll 7

Now here's a little treat. the animation sequence from the beginning of the Grateful Dead Movie.

I don't know what to say about it. Just watch.

You can now get The Grateful Dead Movie - remastered and with additional stuff - on DVD and should do so immediately if not already in possession of this item - it's a real period piece but a total gem.

And as a bonus, the second clip is Lady with a Fan from the So Far video. Unlike the first clip, I don't much like the artwork on this clip but Lady with a Fan is such a lovely, lovely song.

The storyteller makes no choice/soon you will not hear his voice/his job is to shed lightand not to master
Since the end is never told/we pay the teller off in gold/in hopes he will come back/but he cannot be bought or sold


Anonymous said...

Off-topic I know, but thank you for the Amnesty International ad. (the little green one)

Oh, btw it got a little corrupted as I uploaded it

Verdant Earl said...

Never really was a fan of the Dead. Never really minded them, either. Puts me in the middle of just about everyone I know who either loves them or loathes them.

white rabbit said...

Ronald: you're welcome :D

Ol' Bug Eyes - I must say I've never come across anyone who has (a) heard of the Dead and (b) has no strong feelings either way before! Thought it was a rule to love them or hate them! I've loved them to bits ever since I was an undergraduate which was - um - a while ago. ;)