Friday, 14 March 2008

Dwayne Leverocks

Just a quickie today as things to do. I have written about 3,000 words of novel in the past two days so I'm on a roll and will get back to it pronto. This also is a nice displacement activity when the thought of continuing my researches into licensing law crosses my mind. But I digress...
As an unashamed cricket anorak, it has not escaped my attention that Bermuda have won an ICC (International Cricket Conference) award for photo of the year. The photo is entitled 'it's a catch'. Annoyingly, I can't find the photo online but if it isn't this one it ought to be. Introducing Dwayne Leverock. This is our man's one-handed catch to dismiss Robin Uthappa, Bermuda v India, in last year's cricket World Cup.
For the uninitiated, Bermuda are total minnows in world cricket but made an appearance in last year's World Cup. The World Cup was a generally dismal affair and a model of how not to organise a major sporting event. But Dwayne Leverock shone like a light through the general gloom. He is 36, 20 stone (that's 280 pounds for any Americans who have got this far) and a policeman who drives a prison van. Any misbehaviour on the part of the prisoners is no doubt instantly dispelled by a threat to sit on them. He must be the unlikeliest person ever to step on the field of play in a major sporting event (okay, Eddie the Eagle and Eric the Eel apart but Dwayne can actually play) and went from complete obscurity to international cult figure instantly. In a way he connects with Becky of Dive Bar fame (see below). He's outside the mould. His complete offbeatness adds something to the otherwise routine and predictable.
Dwayne Leverocks!

Oh, and he has a fan club...


Verdant Earl said...

I worked with a man from Bermuda about 20 years ago. We worked nights in a computer room for a bank - 12 hour shifts. He would pass the time by talking on end about his love of cricket.

He was very passionate about the subject. I still don't understand the game.

M said...

Earl, trust are not alone!!
My nearest and dearest keeps trying to install his love for the game or at least some understanding to convey to me, alas to no avail.
Even the purchase of a Beginner's Guide did not shed much light on it.
Give me American Football or our European footie anytime.