Friday, 15 February 2008

Yer Rock & Roll 3

Well this isn't really rock and roll at all. I have a difficulty with country music, namely the deeply held belief that it is mostly maudlin dross. But to every rule there is at least one exception. And with country music, the exception is Johnny Cash. I love the guy to bits so here's a Johnny Cash double header.

The first clip is our man performing 'San Quentin' in - um - San Quentin. It's the most outrageous piece of playing to the gallery ever seen. Cash is obviously having the most wonderful time winding up the prison authorities and giving the cons a few brief moments of exquisite revenge. He was very popular with convicts; they could identify with him. 'He's just like us :D' Watch the cons as they stamp and clap and cheer. Just for a few minutes, this is their time.

The second clip is 'God's gonna cut you down'. Only Johnny Cash could carry off a song like that without inducing a cringe. And does he ever carry it off! There are lots of well-known faces in the clip. See how many you can name and let's have a better performance than last time please!

Maybe next time a bit of yer reggae...


That Hank said...

The Man in Black transcends musical genres. But, honestly, I'm a country fan in general. At its best, it's working class music and damn good story telling.

Anonymous said...

I must admit to a slight loathing of country music which seems to me to veer between "I've- got -a- blanket- on- the- ground -you -cheating- no- good- ex -who's- baby- I- am- having- for -the -tenth- time- despite- the- fact that- I- recently -lost- my- home -in -the -Oakee- Finokee -Swamp- so -I'm- going -to -jump -off- the Tallahasse- Bridge- If- you- won't- stand -by- me" genre to that of, er, Grath Brooks.
I do, however, have time for dear ol' Johnny who wasn't afraid to use humour in his songs. I love A Boy Named Sue" and " One Piece at a Time" as a consequence.

white rabbit said...

Minx, have you been at the cooking sherry again?


That Hank said...

Well, A Boy Named Sue was written by Shel Silverstein.

M said...

Okay, God loves a trier

the guy from ZZ top
Kenny Rogers (handsome man imo)
Lou Reed
guy who is in Nickelback video (the one with long hair and hat)

not sure if the other wrinkly is Keith Richards


white rabbit said...

God surely should M! ;)

Anonymous said...

*Hic* CEKING SHEWWIE?! I'll have you knew, my dear, DEAR Bunny, that I possess no such dwink! This is because I've dwunk it....!!

Verdant Earl said...

Wow...I've watched that second one twice now and I think I have most of them. Some I have no idea about.

In order of appearance:

- Iggy Pop
- Kanye West
- Chris Martin
- Kris Kristofferson
- Patti Smith?
- Terrence Howard
- Flea
- Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest?
- Adam Levine
- Chris Rock
- Justin Timberlake
- ???
- ???
- Sheryl Crowe
- Dennis Hopper
- Woody Harrelson
- Amy Lee?
- Perry Farrell?
- Dixie Chicks
- ???
- ???
- Bono
- ???
- Anthony Kiedis
- Travis Barker?
- Lisa Marie Presley
- Kid Rock
- Jay Z
- Keith Richards
- Billy Gibbons
- ???
- Johnny Depp
- ???
- ???
- Hank Williams Jr.?
- Owen Wilson

8 that I have no clue on. I felt like I should have recognized the two older gentlemen towards the end of the video, but they escape me. Also not sure about Hank and a few of the others (question marks after their names). How did I do?

white rabbit said...

BE Earl...


Well impressed here! The only addition/correction I could make is Brian Wilson, not Owen.

Does BE stand for bug eyes? i'd complain to your parents if I were you...


Verdant Earl said...

Yeah...the avatar is Bug-Eyed Earl. He's a regular over at

Brian Wilson...that was him. Toward the end of the video. But Owen Wilson was also in it at the very end. He was one of the dudes who threw the ashes off the cliff. With Hank Jr., I think.