Saturday, 16 February 2008


Yay! London Underground has relented in the face of universal ridicule and the Cranach Venus will besport herself on London Underground poster sites after all!
On the subject of London Underground, here is a gem by Darius and Downey who are a couple of guys who go around subverting everyday objects by certain unauthorised additions. The bottom line on this unauthorised addition is a lil indistinct on this pic. It reads 'just like everyone else'. Darius and Downey have a book coming out soon which will no doubt do further damage to my already tragic amazon ratings, but there ya go! At least Venus will be there to comfort me as I slog around the tube system.

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Anonymous said...

* Has visions of WR bieng trampled to within an inch of his fluffy white tail as he pauses to consider the beauty of the Cranach Venus whilst travelling on the tube by a herd of itinerant City Busy Bodies*
Seriously though, this is a victory for common sense; things of less beauty and far more of offence have been posted on the walls of the underground, after all..