Monday, 31 October 2011

rabbit appeal ...

The rabbit was hopping down High Holborn this lunchtime after returning from a visit to the Big House aka Her Majesty's Prison Feltham when he spotted the above young lady with her billboard. Just in case it's not clear to all from the pic it reads:



It struck me that for a qualified lawyer (her name is Annie and she is an Australian qualified lawyer who spent a number of years in the New South Wales Attorney-General's Office) to be standing in the street with a billboard looking for work is (a) a sign of the times (b) a sign of optimism and (c) shows guts.

Soooooo .... A rabbit appeal is in order. Any lawyer reading this and needing a  paralegal should get in touch with Annie at e-mail - she said it was okay for me to put her e-mail addy up here. Or contact the rabbit via e-mail addy on my profile page. I have a cv for her that can be scanned and e-mailed. Like all sensible people she is presently based in Croydon. And no, I have never met her before and do not expect to meet her again. I'll see if the great and good Charon QC  can do a link to this appeal as I somehow suspect that he has more lawyer readers than the rabbit.

Some readers may be wondering how the smallest rabbit is getting on. Even if they aren't I confess I can't help it. Well at 13 weeks last Friday, he's getting his sleep as can be seen.


tony said...

Awww!Your Young Bunny Is Bonny!

Catch Her in the Wry said...

So nice of you to help the unemployed. Most people standing in public with billboards are asking for money. At least she's not afraid to work for it. Cheers to her!

Sleeping babies remind us that there is indeed some peace in the world.

sybil law said...

Oh holy crap - that baby is ADORABLE. Gaaaaahhhh! Love it!

Mahal said...

Great picture of the kit

white rabbit said...

Tony/Sybil/Mahal - thankies, we decided unanimously to keep him.

Catchy - Apparently Annie was walking the street (as it were) until 7.30 but via this posting - as linked by Charon QC a recruitment agency wants to talk to her. I've asked her for updates and will keep the public informed.

savannah said...

babies and weddings! we have to remember what a wonderful place this place can be, sugar! AND, big hat tip to you for running a virtual employment agency! all the best to the job seeker! xoxoxo

Petit fleur said...

I like what Tony said about your bunny. Me too. What he said.

Also, I think it's mighty fine of you to help a young lady. I think her method is strangely intriguing and creative. I

I'd give her a chance if i were an attorney. Worst case scenario, it doesn't work out, but you get a good story!


Michael said...

Good on her, I say! ;-)

JoJo said...

Awwww the wee bun is adorable! And I'm sure Annie won't be unemployed for long, not with that kind of creativity.

Barmaid said...

Perhaps I shall try something similar WR:

BVC Graduate
Willing, but knocking on a bit
Experienced in all postions
Apply within

Whadya reckon? Needs more work me thinks:-)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

The smallest rabbit is cute as hell. Way to procreate! Good on you.

white rabbit said...

Dear All - I had e-mail from Annie over the weekend. She has had 2 interviews and 3 senior partners have her CV so fingers crossed. She will update.

Barmaid - errrrm - maybe rework the 'Experienced in all postions' bit?

I say no more.

SB - Thankies. as previously revealed here. we decided to keep him.