Thursday, 22 May 2008

Complete Arse Corner...

This bizarre story comes from the BBC via Jailhouse Lawyer - blogworld's daily news digest. A former gay bar in Sunderland has gone straight. It has put up a banner.

"Retox under new management! Now Straight! Top totty dancers on match days!"

Now this is no doubt to many people a little tacky. The sensible response is a brief eyeball roll and moving on - literally and metaphorically. But no. Some complete arse has complained to the police.

Did the police tell the complete arse to go away? Nope. A police investigation has ensued. Into what is not clear save that the complainer was - guess what - offended. A community group has been involved in helping 'resolving' the matter.

This is another excursion around Planet Bonkers! Why is anyone complaining of being 'offended' - like apparently those loveable Scientologists yesterday - taken seriously? I'll say it one more time - not being offended is not a human right. It's not as if the banner was an incitement to hate crime or somesuch. It's just a Sid the Sexist and his mates being sad facility. Get over it!!!

Here are Sid and his mates - caution: very bad taste :-O - doublecaution: Americanpersons may need interpreter.


That Hank said...

Wait, what was he offended by? The offer of titty dancers?

I used to pass by a strip joint in Tampa, FL (near the amusement park Busch Gardens) that proudly invited the world to "Come See Our Bush Gardens!"

white rabbit said...

An - offended - word to the local police seems in order

Meatbe said...

Your "Sid the Sexist" clip is hilarious. You are right, though. I'll have to watch it a number of times in order to understand what is being said. It sounds to me as if they are speaking a foreign language. I do enjoy hearing the unusual (to me) terminology.

white rabbit said...

postscript - totty not titty Hank! Do focus!!! ;)