Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fourth of July

It is the time of year again where it is customary for the rabbit to send Independence Day greetings to his American readers. Previous greetings have featured such gems as Brad Neely's Washington, the same person (Washington that is not Neely) crossing the Delaware and Springsteen's Darlington County - the connection being the 'me and Wayne on the Fourth of July' in the lyrics.

The rabbit is pleased to announce that he wil be celebrating Bastille Day - the 14th July - at a Springsteen concert in London so - Independence Day it is for this year ... Different sort of independence but there ya go.

Expect a posting on foreskins (legal issues pertaining thereto) and extradition tomorrow from the law blog that makes the others look pretty stupid :D - well most of them. Honest.


JoJo said...

Happy 4th of July! Glad the US and England buried the hatchet on that pesky Revolutionary War thing.

white rabbit said...

JoJo - It's quite all right. We're over it - except George III and he's dead. It's interesting how the connections between the American Revolution and the English Civil War and in particular the former being a displaced continuation of the latter by other means are under recognised.

sybil law said...

Happy 4th, indeed! I'm staying inside (it's over 100 degrees outside) and ALONE (kid and husband are gone swimming all day), and it is GLORIOUS. :)

white rabbit said...

Sybil! Are you trying to torment me??? It's the coldest, wettest and greyest summer anyone under 110 can remember here!!! GLORIOUS??? Grrrrrrr!

simply wondered said...

i imagine common hatred of george iii was what united us.

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