Sunday, 22 June 2008

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Before footage disappears from YouTube completely, here is a clip of Kevin Petersen's switch hitting routine. Explanation: he converts himself from a right handed to a left handed batsman as the bowler runs in. Then he belts two sixes (like home runs Americanpersons). This caused some consternation. Was it legal? The MCC who are in charge of the laws of the game decided that it was. Though I agree, I suspect that this decision was as much for commercial as cricketing reasons. Furthermore, it's a high risk strategy on the part of the batsman and I further suspect that only someone as outrageously talented as Pietersen could get away with it too often.

The disappearance of this footage from YouTube (presumably at the insistence of Sky TV) raises an interesting topic. Some performers, notably Van Morrison, have demanded that all clips of them performing be taken down. Strictly, they are of course entitled to take this stance but it does seem like a piece of miserabilism. What serious commercial harm do the YouTube clips do to them? I did think of doing a posting on Irish music a while ago, a project rapidly abandoned when I discovered every single Van Morrison/Chieftans clip had been taken down from YouTube. Miserable gits! Credit to the Dead who have never given a stuff about unofficial merchandising/bootleg taping/putting any old clip of them up.

A completely different topic: last night I watched a TV documentary on Unity Mitford. This set in motion a thought: as a child, I was told that Hitler's real name was Schicklgruber. Was this true? Cue online researches. The short answer is 'no'. Explanation: his father (name Alois) was born out of wedlock to Maria Anna Schicklgruber. The father of Alois (surname Heidler/Hitler - same thing apparently) married her later and Alois was eventually legitimised and took the surname Hitler. Twelve years later Adolf Hitler was born. So where did the rumours come from? Well apparently the answer is that British intelligence dug up this story and - Schicklgruber being a silly sounding name, at least to British ears - decided to milk it for all it was worth for propaganda purposes. So now you know (apologies to those who did already)...

As a parting shot, some good news. Local authorities have been told by the Local Government Association to cut out 100 words of incomprehensible bureaucratic gibberish. Out goes, among others, 'coterminosity', 'place shaping', 'predictors of beaconicity' and 'stakeholder engagement'. This kind of drivel defeat the purpose of language, namely communication. It excludes instead. If the public sector excludes then the private sector infantilises. One of many reasons I avoid fast food outlets is that they make you speak their idiot language when ordering. Should you find yourself in a fast food outlet, just listen to yourself reciting the puerile guff you have to spout...


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Verdant Earl said...

The cricket switch-hitter has come up recently here in the States because of a cool thing that happened in minor-league baseball a few days ago.

The very first switch-pitcher (he has a specially designed glove that fits either hand) made his debut for the Staten Island Yankees and in that debut he pitched to a switch-hitter.

The hitter saw the glove on the right-hand of the pitcher so he took a stance right-handed. Then the pitcher switched the glove to his left hand so he could pitch right-handed. The batter called time and moved to the other box to bat left-handed. The pitcher then switched his glove...and on and on and on it went. It was like a comedy sketch. Managers came out to argue, umpires discussed the rules (there aren't any). It was hilarious.

They finally decided the hitter had to pick a side and stick with it. He batted right-handed. The pitcher tossed it right-handed, and wound up striking him out on a wicked curve.


You can see the story here:

Barnsley Bill said...

Miserabilism.. marvelous effort that. Miserabilist and Miserabilism will be words of the week.
As a engerlunder living in nz those two shots were just the tonic. The whining and moaning down here has been fantastic to behold.

AdamB said...

There are few men more miserable than Van. My friend had a spare ticket to one of his gigs and I turned up at the venue only to find that he had banned the selling of all alcohol during the duration of his performance. He had actually made that a part of the contract.

He then refused to play any of his big hits apart from Brown Eyed Girl which he went on to completely butcher.

As far as I can see there are no lengths that he will not go to, to prevent his fans from having a good time.