Sunday, 1 June 2008

Cold calling...

I rang someone I know the other day to discover that he has a cold calling filter on his phoneline. You have to say who you are. I did and fortunately he picked up! Pretty neat idea, I thought. Cold calling, as well as spam e-mail and the constant avalanche of junk through the letterbox, is one of the banes of modern life.


Rather like getting internet money laundering fraudsmen to send you money, getting cold callers to slam the phone on you is a holy grail in itself. I have managed this. A few years ago I was cold called by a lending institution. I had borrowed money from them before to plug a financial gap (story of my life!). It was a bum deal. You didn't so much borrow money from them as rent it. I paid them off in due course. They obviously thought I might like a second helping - not bloody likely!

The woman started her pitch. I said...

'I'm not interested'.

Undeterred, she ploughed on. I kept saying...

'I'm not interested'.

The woman lacked nothing in persistence. In the end I said...

'What part of "I'm not interested" aren't we following?' She said...

'There's no need to be rude!' I said...

'Did I ask you to call me?'


Result! Another good one is to ask them for their home phone number and when they will be back from work so you can ring them and continue the discussion. This invariably throws them. You then say ' so now you know how it feels this end'...


Daisy said...

Yall don't have caller-IDs or privacy-blockers in Britain?

How do you survive???? (seriously)

Do you have telemarketers in Britain?

Mr Pineapples said...

That Made mE SO mAD

StiLl thaT rude WAnker on the Phone will pRobably get a heart attack - so there is justice on this world.

Thought the PhoNe guy did a great joB. Wouldnt it be great if he could send around a few of his mates to see whether arse-hole guy could ring his and thIer necks?

If I waS phOne gUy - I wouLd have kept on trYinG to sell to that sad and stupid idiot

Kept on saying stufF like:

"But this will only take a few minutes...."

Then let thid dick scream some more and then say:

"But this will only take a few minutes...."

aND THEN carry on with my spiel

Great opportunity to wind the idiot up even more

Anonymous said...

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