Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympics and Headingley

The above is pinched from the Charon QC blog. The person bottom left is named Jeremy Hunt. He is Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and is thus sort of in charge of the Olympics. He is also a total knob but the rabbit digresses. The caption is there because the clowns having the security contract - G4S (Group 4 Security - a shower with a track record of cluelessness and worse) contrived to fail to recruit enough security staff for the London Olympics. This failure was discovered at the last minute and the British Army was drafted in to make up the shortfall.

The next problem was empty seats. To have empty seats is considered unthinkable as the empty seats would tend to suggest that the relevant events were less than riveting (rabbit question: if most of these sports were any good to watch, why aren't they on the tv all the time?). Empty seats being a no-no the poor army gets drafted in to occupy them. The empty seats are apparently not those sold to the public but those denied to the public by virtue of them going instead to the 'Olympic family' (sic), corporate sponsors etc. - who then don't turn up. What is interesting about the photo is that if you look at the faces of the soldiers, most of them look bored to death. One can only wonder why ...

The rabbit is however hopping off oop north for the weekend, complete with ticket for the Sunday of the Headingley Test. Happily nothing to do with the Olympics. For the unintiated, the cricket ground is on the left, the rugby ground on the right ...


JoJo said...

Erm....don't you mean 'cricket pitch'? lol

Couldn't care less about the summer games and I haven't watched even a second of it at all, except yesterday someone posted a US gymnast's perfect vault on FB and I did watch that. I heard Michael Phelps got another gold as well.

white rabbit said...

JoJo - The pitch is the grass area the game is played on, well basically but it's also the 22 yard strip ... Oh never mind! ;)

The whole - erm - ground pitch stands pavilion etc is called the ground (never stadium!)

Trust this clarifies matters :D

Anonymous said...

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tony said...

Geoff should have Boycotted all women.....

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it Rabbit, but the tosser at the bottom is Lord Sebastian "Call me Lord" Coe, a man with suspiciously dark hair for someone his age. Let's not forget he is also a Tory Tosser. Ovett forever! =)

white rabbit said...

Anonymous - You are of course quite right. the original fact free statement was in the long and honourable White Rabbit tradition of writing any old rubbish.


Unknown said...

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