Saturday, 30 July 2011

Some Grateful Dead for the weekend...

Things a bit hectic as may be imagined after recent events but I was playing some Dead on YouTube while trying to catch up with work things and here are a coupleI don't think I've posted this version of Uncle John's Band - from the Radio City Halloween concert 1980 before, But if I have - enjoy again anyway.

I've certainly never posted this clip - New Speedway Boogie - Toronto 1970 as I've never come across it before. The film quality is a bit hazy but these things can't be helped. Note Pigpen on harp. The song is about Altamont yenno.

One more? Oh okay then - Sugar Magnolia Stanford University 9th February 1973. I think it must be sound only with assorted concert clips and stills added. If this doesn't get you moving then check your pulse. You are probably dead.


sybil law said...

Thank you, Rabbit! I'm heading off to a party, and these songs are exactly what I needed to get going!

JoJo said...

Great tunes, all!!!!