Saturday, 29 September 2012

so what does a rhino sound like anyway? Plus Christine ...

Apropos of nothing in particular, but to get back in the swing of things, I have to report that people are constantly asking me, 'Tell me O rabbit, what does a rhino sound like?' As a part of the continued educational mission of White Rabbit, the rabbit is pleased to make all clear. Wasn't what you were expecting huh? Imagined them as gruffer? Well there ya go.

The rabbit is pleased to report that his old friend Christine O'Donnell still keeps in touch and writes regularly. She always ends her e-mails with 'God bless', which is sweet. Christine never seems to have any money as - strictly between you and me - she keeps asking for some. This is a little embarrassing and I wonder whether to have a word. Unfortunately, naughty Christine seems to have given my e-mail address to her friends. None of them seem to have any money either and they keep asking the rabbit for money too. One of them is called Josh Mandel and keeps writing to the rabbit banging on about what a good job he made of running the finances of some god forsaken place or the other. Now I couldn't give a stuff about this but, just to be polite and make conversation, I e-mailed back asking 'I wonder if by any chance you are related to the late Belgian Marxist Ernest Mandel.
No reply. How rude!
Much better manners were shown by another of Christine's friends, a person named Dean Heller. He is running for something or the other and takes a very dim view of something called 'Obamacare'. He wrote to the rabbit whose curiosity was aroused. A reply flew out of the rabbit hutch.
'Most informative I'm sure. I was just wondering if Dean is an academic or an ecclesiastical title'.
What a pleasant surprise to receive a reply.
'No, "Dean" is Dean Heller's first name.

Thank you,

Team Heller'
The 'Thank you' is a particularly nice touch. They are very welcome, I'm sure. This just goes to show that good manners cost nothing.
The last straw is that the Romney person has written asked for money. Apart from being (it has to be said) a Grade A twat, it is a truth universally acknowledged that he is obscenely rich. If Christine has given him my e-mail address I shall be very cross notwithstanding our friendship. I have written to the Romney person (I only addressed him as 'Mitt' as he wrote to me as 'Andrew' and it seemed only polite) ...

Haven't you got enough money of your own?
No reply so far ...



Laci The Dog said...

Yes, there is that odd use of "Dean" as a Christian ("First") name. I remember spending a party calling somebody "Dean Bloggs" since I wasn't sure if that was his title or name.

Give Mitt money or he will fire you!

Mahal said...

Are you sure the sound isn't your friend Christine, not a rhino?

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Michael said...

Good to see you're back!! :-)

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