Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Advert and Republicans

With Hat Tip to Catch Her In The Wry, the above has generated some excitement (so to speak) on the grounds that the woman in the advert has been dis-fellowshipped by her Church for appearing in it. The rabbit will only comment that it is difficult to think of a more violent attack on the English language than 'dis-fellowshipped'. Actually 'deplatformed' as in moved to another platform, a word the rabbit heard at Stafford Railway Station earlier today comes close to it. Apparently she will get re-fellowshipped when the advert comes out of circulation but not before. As for the advert itself, it is faintly surprising she doesn't use the proffered appendage as a handle.

The rabbit received an e-mail from Team Christine today. Ha! He thought to himself! No doubt an apology for suspending His Rabbitness and a plea for assistance to steady the Christine ship. But no. Not an a word of apology! The e-mail starts...

Dear Patriot

Huh? I'm not even American. It continues impertinently...

Will you help us get out the vote for conservative principles by giving $35, $50, $75 or even $100 today.

No I won't. Piss off. Trust this clarifies matters.

Meanwhile elsewhere on Planet Republican allow the rabbit to introduce the Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado. His name is Dan Maes and a fine looking fellow he is, I am sure all will agree. Dan holds to the novel theory that a bike sharing plan in Colorado is part of a 'well-disguised' plan to turn the US of A over to United Nations control.

The rabbit is shocked to report that people are laughing at Dan and he is showing at less than 10% in opinion polls.

How unfair.


Badger said...

Dan is indeed a fine looking fellow. He suffers - as indeed many of his compatriots do - from 'Fucked in Head Syndrome". This is an increasingly prevalent phenomenon in the USA.

sybil law said...

That man finally gets an erection and she uses it as a step stool? Geez.

What Badger said about Dan. :)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm allergic to republicans.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

I was happy to share that little video gem with your audience. I often find myself climbing on counter tops to get into cupboards. I never thought to call for my husband until I saw that video.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Catcher- Ouch!

The rightward drift of US Politics and the republican party is incredibly frightening. This is the loonie right.

white rabbit said...

Badger - The spooky thought comes to mind... Supposing there really is a UN conspiracy to take over the US via bicycle sharing??? Scary, huh?


Consider yourself blogrolled btw.

Sybil/Catchy/Laci - The possibilities of this - erm - sort of medication is as yet not fully explored. Hat Stand? Somehwere to hang your jacket? Catapult (with a suitable two pronged attachment)?

SB - I'm sure you can get ointment for that sort of thing. A person named Sharron Angle intruded herself in the rabbit inbox yesterday, addressing the rabbit as 'Dear Loyal Supporter' and trying to blag $80,000. the suspicion must be that naughty Christine gave her the rabbit's e-mail addy. It may be my unpleasant duty to smack Christine's bottom.