Saturday, 30 October 2010

Clive Head, Dissing Christine and Ashes

The rabbit confesses to never having heard of Clive Head until reading of him yesterday. He is a British realist artist, Head of the University of York's Fine Art Department and altogether rather wonderful. He is currently exhobiting at the National Gallery as a sideshow to various Canalettos and has become a surprise smash hit, drawing record crowds. Head is well enough known in the art world, and his paintings fetching up to £160,000 End galleries, but he has rarely made major headlines. His career was knocked back by a muscular condition five years ago, but he recovered and developed a style variously described as Hyper or Cubist Realism. His Cityscapes appear realistic but look closely. All is not as it seems. Above is Coffee at the Cottage Delight.

And here is Haymarket. He doesn't just do London, though.

Above is Prague, Early Morning.

And finally, we return to London for Rebekah. I'm not surprised the guy has become an overnight hit. There's something very singular and appealing about these pictures.

It goes without saying that anyone dissing Christine O'Donnell will have the rabbit to answer to. And so it is with some insolent fellow and his 'revelations' in something called The Gawker. The insolent fellow has posted a story 'I had a one night stand with Christine O'Donnell' - a misdescription of what took place if the rabbit ever read one. To come straight to the point, the insolent fellow 'reveals' that Christine and a friend pitch up asking to use the insolent fellow's flat to change for a Halloween party, which they do. Christine then carts the insolent fellow and his mate along to the party. Christine gets - let's just say - a touch over refreshed. She comes back to the insolent fellow's flat where various tendresses take place on a couch before a naked Christine hops in the insolent fellow's bed and sex does not take place.

And that's about it.

Being serious for a minute, it is a grubby little piece, which has rightly attracted condemnation including from quarters less sympathetic to Christine than the rabbit. Memo to insolent fellow: a gentleman does not discuss a lady's waxing arrangements - or lack of them and to announce as regards the same 'obviously, that was a big turnoff, and I quickly lost interest' is not nice at all. Nor is the picture of Christine still in pursuit later on 'before I was forced to make it clear to her that I wasn't interested'.

Oh fuck off!

Of course the dimwits in charge of Christine's election team duly shot themselves in the foot by denouncing the Gawker piece as the handiwork of her Democratic opponent Chris Coons. It wasn't and his campaign has denounced the piece. If only the rabbit had not been suspended from Team Christine then that kind of gaffe would not take place.

Finally, the pre-Ashes hostilities are hotting up nicely. Prompted by Unique Stephen (link to left) the rabbit can reveal that Cricket Australia have projected images of Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke on to Big Ben. Ricky Ponting, it may be necessary to explain is captain of Australia and one of the all time greats - it has to be conceded - but otherwise an annoying chipmunk faced twerp. Michael Clarke is vice-captain of Australia and - erm - the other one. The caption reads 'DON'T FORGET TO PACK THE URN'. This of course is a reference to The Ashes and is bollocks because the Ashes are far too old and delicate to be moved out of their atmospherically controlled cabinet in the museum at Lord's regardless of who wins but the projection is harmless fun and echoes 2006 when images of Andrew Flintoff and Monty Panesar were projected onto Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Enter Westminster city council huffing and puffing and threatening criminal prosecution. Westminster city council's deputy leader, councillor Robert Davis, blustered 'the Palace of Westminster is part of a Unesco world heritage site, and it's both inappropriate and insulting for this important location and its buildings to effectively be abused in this manner. It's also a criminal offence'.

Somehow the phrase 'get a life' springs to mind. Oh and even if you know nothing and care less about cricket, invest 16 seconds of your life on the Harold Larwood clip at the foot of yesterday's posting. It's a sound investment.


DaisyDeadhead said...

Isn't it amazing? (the Gawker story) I am still shaking my head over it this morning...

tony said...

it works better if you let your imagine it to be Theresa May instead of Christine O'Donnell .

white rabbit said...

Daisy - My jaw is yet to undrop.

Tony - Ermmm....


Nope. It's not working. You'll be suggesting Ann Widdecombe next!

sybil law said...

Love the Clive Head pics! Pretty cool.

Christine O'Donnell is such a freaking train wreck in every way.

JoJo said...

I LOVE those pictures. They are paintings? They look so real!

Petit fleur said...

I don't know much about all that political stuff, but... I do know hysterically funny when I read it:
"ristine gets - let's just say - a touch over refreshed?. :-p

The photos are enticing.
Happy Halloween!

white rabbit said...

Sybil/JoJo/Little Flower - The Clive Head stuff is indeed seriously good and yes they are paintings and not photos.