Thursday, 7 October 2010

Glen Baxter

Sybil made a comment on the last posting to the effect that she liked to think of strange storylines to the old stills. The comment made me think of Glen Baxter, sometimes known (don't ask me why) as 'The Colonel'. Baxter is an English cartoonist and natural surrealist. He's from Leeds in fact and studied at Leeds College of Art. His stock in trade is cartoons of cowboys, children or explorers. The twist is that the cartoon characters are making bizarre or incongrous remarks, often connected with art or literature. Here are a few...

Some typically literary cowboys.

And - erm - explorers.

This one is entitled Meetings and is typically bizarre and enigmatic.

Words fail me. Okay, one more...

Meanwhile all is not well on Planet Christine. The rabbit's well judged comments have attracted the attention of a so-called 'moderator' calling himself 'Scott'

I copy and paste my latest contribution:

"Oh dear.... Let's clear a few things up. Firstly, it is unlikely that Ronal Reagan was a bearded Marxist. Just his little joke no doubt. And indeed it is right to say that he brought down the Berlin Wall single handed. In fact the cheeky chappy used to sneak up on it and administer a series of deftly delivered head butts. A wall can only take so many head butts, I'm sure all will agree.

Now 'Scott' says- 'I'm a moderator. You need to tell me'. Now no friend of freedom (or 'frenna freem' as that other great intellectual among recent Presidents George W Bush was fond of saying) would talk in terms of 'you need to tell me'. Sounds like the Stasi to me. I can only conclude that 'Scott' is a hacker placed on this site in a fiendish conspiracy between the Coons person and various North Korean high ups and is probably really called Kim Il-Skot.

Did you know that W had a thing with a woman called Evelyn Tent by the way? He was always on about her. Does Laura know? But I digress...Kim Il-Skot also impertinently asks - 'Andrew, since you are from the UK, you don't have a genuine interest in Christine's campaign. Do you support her or are you just here to make snarky comments?'

Cheeky fellow! Of course I have an interest in Christine's campaign. Firstly, I look forward eagerly to her first speech to the US Senate on her sensible policies as regards - how does one put this delicately? - Self-pleasuring. So there!

Secondly, when Christine is elected President she will have her finger on the nuclear button. I would advise her to press it immediately so as to bring on the rapture.




A load of fun, I'm sure you'll agree. Trust this clarifies matters".

...I will report on further developments.


Catch Her in the Wry said...

It appears to me in the video that Christine is lusting after Todd, The Pastor. She's giving him a come-on look with those eyes and that smile.

sybil law said...

Glen Baxter is awesome! Thanks!

Christine O'Donnell is such a little attention whore.

tony said...

Petronius [it is He!] once said " moderators in all things, including moderators........".although I was drunk at the time & 'might have misheard. .................
+ I seem to remember SeƱor Baxter's cartoons used to be printed in The Independent on Sunday many moons ago.They used to ease my weekend hangovers in some strange and mysterious way...................

Pearl said...

Very nice! :-)


p.s. Loved those cartoons. Absurdity is a hobby of mine.

white rabbit said...

Catchy - Do you think so? I'm afraid she's gone down in my opinion.

Sybil - Ignoring politicians is good fun. Drives them nuts.

Tony - I've got two old Glen Baxter books somewhere. One has the rather wonderful name 'The Impending Gleam'

Pearl - I do absurdity too. Comnsider yourself blogrolled btw. People - Pearl writes rather well IMO!!!

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I am a total fan of Glen Baxter.

And Biff

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Wait! Wait! I thought Christine got Ugandan on a Satanic alter in High School.

Maybe that's why she say "if he can please himself, why am I in the picture?"

"God wants me to have pure sex!"