Friday, 8 October 2010

Bad news, I'm afraid...

"You have been suspended from Christine O'Donnell for Senate

Sorry, Andrew Keogh, you can not access Christine O'Donnell for Senate as you have been suspended. If you think you've been suspended in error, you can contact the administrator".

Quelle horreur! as the cheese eating surrender monkeys would say. The rabbit had a peep at Chrstine's website yesterday evening to be greeted with this devastating news. Of course I thought I must have been suspended in error and so immediately contracted the administrator saying that either there had been a terrible mistake or the North Korean infiltrator mentioned yesterday, Kim Il Skot, had been doing bad things. I further informed the administator that Christine would be very upset if she heard of this.

No reply from the administrator. Having given these matters careful consideration, I have concluded that it is my unpleasant duty to withdraw my support from Christine. Someone with such bad judgement as regards her staff (Kim Il Skot and the supine 'administrator') cannot possibly be relied on. I have further bad news for Christine, the jackpot on the Euromillions draw tonight is a very acceptable £112 million (that's $177,788,340.94) and the rabbit has 4 lines and is quietly confident. When I win Christine ISN'T GETTING A PENNY by way of donation!

NUR!!! NUR!!! NUR!!!

More seriously, I was relieved to finally get a response. It had got like trying to bait a collection of blocks of wood. How dumb are these people? Okay, don't answer that...

Even more seriously, the rabbit has from time to time expressed that the gruesome gargoyles who run China are excessively indulged because China is viewed as the up and coming world economic - and by extension political - power and therefore it is best not to upset them no matter how revoltingly they behave.

It is therefor pleasing to note that imprisoned Chinese democracy campaigner Liu Xiaobo has won the Nobel Peace Prize. He is doing an 11 year stretch for 'inciting subversion of state power' (sic) having done 3 years in a labour and re-education camp (how creepy is that for an idea?) previously for 'disturbing the social order' (sic). He sounds remarkably moderate "I oppose systems of government that are dictatorships or monopolies. This is not 'inciting subversion of state power'. Opposition is not equivalent to subversion".

One pleasing aspect of the award is that the Chinese government has gone batshit crazy and a volley of toys have gone flying out of the Chinese governmental pram. "Liu Xiaobo is a criminal who violated Chinese law. It's a complete violation of the principles of the prize and an insult to the peace prize itself for the Nobel committee to award the prize to such a person." whinged the Chinese foreign ministry. There has been an attempt to bully the Norwegian government (the Nobel prizes being a Norwegian thing), summoning the Norwegian ambassador to Beijing to tell him that relations between China and Norway could be damaged. He explained that the Nobel committee is an independent body and not under the control of the Norwegian government but no doubt such subtleties are beyond these gorillas.

The US, German and French governments have called for Liu Xiaobo's release following the award. I haven't seen that the British government has done the same. If I am right about this then maybe Wild Bill Hague could get on with it and do so?

On a lighter note and for the weekend, here is another Glen Baxter cartoon. Think of this as you do the Saturday morning shopping. Our man does some animated ones too such as this and this and this. Have a good weekend all (except Kim Il Skot and the 'administrator' - I hope the cat wees in your shoes). I expect I'll be back over the weekend, though.


sybil law said...

Oh, the silly fucking Chinese...
However, I am so proud of you for being suspended from Miss O'Donnell's site!!
Well done, white rabbit. Well done!

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I think you should send Christine this Glen Baxter cartoon:

Indeed, I am truly a fan of his work.

Alas, there are some who don't understand it.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

"Excuse me, but what are Ms. O'Donnell's opinions on Ugandan Relations? How about discussing Uganda on a Satanic Alter?"

savannah said...

she might not be embarrassed by her "youthful" expressions, but i am surely embarrassed by her and her supporters. in fact, i am massively embarrassed we live in the same country! (but thankfully, not the same state!)*sigh* xoxoxox

Catch Her in the Wry said...

Thank you for not wasting any more of your intellectual humor on the O'Donnell blockheads.

I know how Glen Baxter feels; there are days I just can't stand things that are superfluous and pretty.

When you win the jackpot, let me know and I'll come over immediately with a proposition on how best to spend your money on me.


JoJo said...

Good job getting kicked off the O'Donnell site. lol Too funny. Love the hate Sat. morning shopping cartoon. That's me every damn Sat. on the way to Safeway.

word verif: rolly

Holly said...

After all these years of searching for my true self, I'm so glad to have found it in the form of Ms.O'Donnell. Finally, I can rest easy.

Love the 'toons.

Richard T said...

Well perhaps the very wonderful Ms O' Donnell can console herself at the consequences of your suspension by having another listen to Pictures of Lily.

white rabbit said...

Sybil/Savvy - It was hard to provoke a reaction from the assembled boneheads but I got there in the end...

Laci - I doubt if Christine even knows where Uganda is - let alone what 'discussing Uganda' may involve.

Catchy - Bad news I fear, contrary to plan I didn't win the £113 million Euromillions jackpot(though it was a UK ticket that did) so I fear plans as regards spending it on hold :(

Catchy/JoJo - I feel your pain. I used to do the family shop on Saturday morning (or get it out of the way on Friday evening if I had the time and energy). It was mind numbing.

Holly - Erm... Yes. Are you feeling quite all right?

Richard T - Welcome to my humble blog though I must confess I don't quite get your drift old chap. Though I did find a very filthy song online called 'Old O'Donnell had a farm' - you'll guess the tune - which had a very rude word (rhymes with rank) repeated over and over again).

I was most shocked.

Richard T said...

Thank you for the kind words. To elucidate, if you are of an age to recall the Who in their prime, think of the words to Pictures of Lily. It is a paean to self abuse, wan-king, or whatever you will. Now I appreciate it is written about the male gender but the picture Ms O' Donnell listening to it unaware is worth contemplating.

white rabbit said...

Richard T - I have to confess that I was feigning innocence and was not unaware that Pictures of Lily had a certain connection with - ahem - solitary vice. La belle Christine may not be as innocent as she looks either! ;)

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