Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sex and drugs and Members of Parliament....

The above named chapess is named Louise Mensch - Louise Bagshawe as was until her recent marriage. She is Conservative MP for Corby, which - let the record show - is a dump. She attracted a certain amount of attention in failing to ask any seriously searching questions to Papa and Baby Doch when they were before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee of the House of Commons (a failure she shares with the rest of the Committee with the partial exception of Tom Watson MP).

An 'investigative journalist' has been on our heroine's case. He goes by the name of David Jones but may be just about anybody. Feel free to drop him a virtual line if curious  - like so and ask. 'Jones' has failed to state what newspaper or magazine he was proposing to place the 'story' of our Louise's somewhat historic misdemeanours in. 'What misdemeanours?' I hear overseas readers - and no doubt some British ones - cry?


The Jones 'indictment' reads as follows... 'Whilst working at EMI, in the 1990s, you (Mensch) took drugs with Nigel Kennedy at Ronnie Scott's in Birmingham, including dancing on a dance floor, whilst drunk, with Mr Kennedy, in front of journalists'

Poor sentence construction there but I digress...

La Mensch's response? She said she couldn't remember but the incident 'sounds highly probable' .

Probably too stoned to remember.

Seriously, as  responses go that one has class. Warming to her theme, Louise confesses 'since I was in my twenties, I'm sure it was not the only incident of the kind; we all do idiotic things when young. I am not a very good dancer and must apologise to any and all journalists who were forced to watch me dance that night at Ronnie Scott's'.

The rabbit trusts the apology soothes any distress experienced by the assembled reptiles.

Oh and it turned out that la Mensch was fired from EMI. In the rabbit's opinion, anyone who has never been fired by an employer is too much of a goody goody to be allowed out. 'Jones' alleges that she was fired for writing fiction with a sexual content (aka chick lit) in working hours. 'It (the writing) was all done after work hours. It was also not why I was fired by EMI. "Leaving work early"and "missing the odd day at work" along with "inappropriate dress" were the reasons quoted to me'.

The rabbit is not generally a fan of Conservatives but the more he learns of this person, the more he likes her. Tragically, no further details are given of the "inappropriate dress".

Given the investigations into tabloid hacking, a conspiracy theory can be created around these 'investigations'. The rabbit's hunch is that just some random idiot with no judgement is behind the non-story. In any event, one person comes out of the story with credit and his name ain't Jones.


Catch Her in the Wry said...

I believe Mr. Jones is a Monkee.

wv: nutruth

Petit fleur said...

Hmmmm... Well, she is cute.

Beyond that I have nothing useful to add.


sybil law said...

Jones sounds like a complete tool - probably obsessed with her.

tony said...

If I Had to spend any time with Nigel Kennedy I would need buckets of drugs too............

white rabbit said...

Catchy - Quite so. Your wv sounds positively Orwellian. If your next wv is Ingsoc or somesuch be very worried... ;)

Little Flower - We3ll good to see you anyway :D

Sybil - Complete tool :)) You have a way with words.

Tony - Yenno I had the same thought. It reminded me of someone saying of someone else (Edwina Currie?) when she goes to the dentist, the dentist needs an anaesthetic.