Monday, 4 July 2011

Fourth of July and update on the Carolyn Bourne etiquette show.....

It is traditional for the rabbit to wish his American readers a happy 4th July and the time to do so is upon us again. Above is of course Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze which equally obviously leads to Brad Neely's Washington and the immortal phrase 'spread, spread Delaware'. the rabbit has posted this - originally pinched from Earl - on at least one previous occasion but here is the link for those unfamiliar with this opus or who can't get enough.

Continuing the saga of Carolyn Bourne and her somewhat contentious opinions on matters pertaining to etiquette, above is a photo of the object of her ire, the splendidly named Heidi Withers. The troops have been rallying to la belle Heidi's cause. The would be groom's natural mother has rallied to her support. ‘Heidi is a charming girl who I have never found rude – not once' pronounces Penelope Godfrey. She is also Freddie’s choice and will always be welcome in my home' she continues, warming to her theme. Adding ‘I don’t think the wedding will be awkward but we shall see.’

Ermmm.... The rabbit would love an invite. And, yes, this is a hint to whoever is drawing up the guest list. Oh and contrary to the rabbit's last posting, the wedding is not in a castle. It's in a church. It's the reception that is in a  castle. So that's all right then.

Next in line for introductions is Alan Withers, father of the bride and clearly a man with strong opinions. Our man lives in a five-bedroom home in Aylton, Hereford, complete with its own coat of arms. As you do.

He had a pub lunch with la Bourne and her husband Edward. 'Edward was a jovial chap, but Carolyn was quite snotty' he records. 'She had a look about her which made us think she thought she was better than us... Some people may find my Black Country accent raw, let’s say, but clearly it made an impression on Carolyn. I don’t want to say what she said'.


Our man did give further details, though. 'Ever since that meeting we call her "Miss Fancy Pants". I think she has her head stuck so far up her own arse she doesn’t know whether to speak or fart'.

A common dilemma, I am sure all will agree.

The rabbit recalls that it is traditional for the happy couple to lead off the dance. The rabbit can only suggest the following as choice of music..


savannah said...

thank you, sugar! ;~) xoxoxoxo

simply wondered said...

fancy pants? misery knickers, more like.

sybil law said...

Many fireworks shows this weekend, along with copious amounts of alcohol, my finger burnt from a sparkler, and too many crowds.

Carolyn Bourne is just a flat out bitch, now, isn't she?

Catch Her in the Wry said...

The best stories always have a wicked step-mother, but there is usually a happy ending, as I'm sure there will be in this case.

white rabbit said...

Savvy - You are most welcome!

SW - Misery knickers - a splendid turn of phrase.

Sybil - It's just another day here but I must make it to the US of A one 4th July. It sounds like fun is had. Sorry about6 the finger.

Catchy - Indeed - I will post any updates tyo this heartwarming tale.

Michael said...

Good ol' Alan ... there was something a bit Alan Titchmarsh about him.

Probably wishes he could trim Mrs Misery Knickers' topiary into a rude shape and see what she makes of that.

Petit fleur said...

Fancy pants indeed!

Thanks for the laugh.