Thursday, 4 November 2010

Goats, Chocolate Boxes and Danny Baker

Just a quick posting today. The rabbit was taken by this photo of the Cingino Dam in northern Italy. As can be seen more clearly from the enlargement, there are goats attached to the precipitous wall of the dam - ibex goats to be precise. Apparently ibex goats spend their lives climbing up and down mountains - it's to do with grazing on different types of grasses. 'Ah!' I hear you cry. 'There are no grasses up the wall of a dam!' This is correct but the goats like to lick minerals and salts off the dam's stones. They apparently have soft pincer like hooves. The article states 'big and supple with shortish, powerful legs, they are very sure-footed and have good eyesight'.

Just as well really.

Above is a chocolate box marketed by Bettys a northern café and tea rooms institution of which the rabbit is fond. Bettys are marketing a retro chocolate box. Staff unearthed the ornate model (left in pic above) on top of a 90-year-old chocolate box buried deep in their archives. The image, which was deemed suitable for the 1920s, has now been chosen to appear on the boxes of their new vintage chocolates but not before it is toned down (see box on right).

The brunette has had buttons added to her clothes, her hair smoothed down and a suggestively arched eyebrow has been lowered to make the box more appropriate to the tea room's - erm - wholesome image.

Sarah Wells, who looks after the Bettys archive, said 'we would certainly not like to be thought of as prudish, but as a family business we took the decision that an extra button or two would not go amiss'.

The temptation to observe that some people should get out more is irresistible. Hat Tip to Mahal.

Apart from
Test Match Special and, I suppose Today - which is first thing in the morning and the rabbit is not a morning person so there may be a query as to whether things done first thing in the morning by him are voluntary acts - the only radio programme that the rabbit makes a point of tuning on for - as opposed to just having on as background noise is The Danny Baker Show, a constant source of genuine wit and entertainment. The rabbit was sad to learn that Danny Baker is suffering from cancer and - in the unlikely event that he reads this - wishes him a speedy recovery.


JoJo said...

The thing that caught my eye and horrified me the most about that Betty's add is the polar bearskin rug. That's just so wrong.

Those are some crazy ass goats eh?

sybil law said...

The goat thing is pretty amazing, really! I love learning new stuff every day!
So that's you?! you look just fine to me! In the morning, my eyes are so swollen (yes - every morning) I can barely see! Not pretty at all. You look pretty happy, too!

I LOVE the original model for the chocolates. You can almost see nipple! Haha

white rabbit said...

JoJO - Crazy ass gopats indeed but maximum respect to the furry fellows as I couldn't imagine doing that...

Sybil - That's not meeeeeeeee - it's Danny Baker. My bad for ambiguous remark - now deleted. The rabbit can be found by clicking the insitelaw crime stuff link to left <<< but otherwise is shy and retiring! ;)

Law Minx said...

My Dear Bunny,

The impressive desperation of the Ibex to do some serious er... licking is in many ways a parallell to the situation of those of us without pupillage - hanging on for grim death and indulgin in a spot of entirely non saliacious licking where ever possible.

Loving all things kitsch, I must say I am deeply impressed by Betty merchandise and will head off to buy one as fast as my credit card will carry me!

On a different note, I see that the Barrister Boys and Baby blog is closed to all but selected readers. do you know of any way I might get in touch with Sarah and ask to be added to her list?

Law Minx said...

Gawd - I cant even spell indulging. That me fallen at the first fence of the great pupillage toady race!

tony said...

Yea, I Like Danny Baker.he's A Clever Bloke (Chris Moyles with brains).
Ah Betty's! I,ve never been in (Always full when I pass it on the way to Harrogates wonderful Turkish Baths down the road.

white rabbit said...

Minx - 'The impressive desperation of the Ibex to do some serious er... licking'


I wondered where this was going...

I'll contact Sarah and ask her about access (we are in the same chambers as you may know)

Tony - Bettys is cool. Take a trip sometime.

Petit fleur said...

I've seen those goats before (my son still calls the goaks!) too cute.

Anyway, they are quite silly and amazing.
cheers & happy weekend,

Law Minx said...

My Dear Bunny,

If I did not make what could be construed as an off colour comment on your blog from time to time to be passed off as an alleged witticism, what on earth would you think of me?!

white rabbit said...

Little Flower - The goaks are indeed splendid. As is the Harleyism.

Your Minxitude - You are indeed for making what could be construed as an off colour comment. It's a part of what you do. Just as feigning shock and/or surprise at the same is a part of what I do.

Trust this clarifies matters.