Friday, 27 April 2012

Apologies for absence

The rabbit - who is well and content enough - would like to apologise for the protracted period of blogsilence - basically due to busyness and distraction. Here is a man called Bill Shorten - Minister for Something in the Australian Government and plainly a man of towering intellect and independence of mind.


JoJo said...

Wondered where you disappeared to!

sybil law said...

Bill Shorten is a complete wanker.

Hi, Rabbit!

Petit fleur said...

Can't listen now... the husband is asleep right next to me, but I will.

I love the word wanker!

Nice to see you.

Richard T said...

Charitably he might know better than to cross Ms Gillard.

simply wondered said...

i believe 'minister for something' is an actual portfolio in australia and, if it isn't, it really should be.

glad you are well and back enlightening us, my leporine chum

Michael said...

Good to see you back - I was beginning to fear you had been washed away in the floods!! :-0