Monday, 4 February 2013

Oh dear, over four months - this calls for some spamming ;)

So the rabbit has been absent for over four months - as in completely. I think that this is a sign of the times. Facebook is - I strongly suspect - killing blogging or at least making it distinctly unwell. A qualification is in order - it isn't going to kill off the Huffington Post or in another neck of the political woods, the Guido Fawkes blog. However the everyday 'citizen bloggers' - who have made a considerable contribution to the public good in my opinion - are giving up, slackening off or huddling together for safety.

I do think this is a pity but have succumbed to the - erm - charms of Facebook myself. If anyone would like to 'friend' me (sic - since when did friend become a verb? okay since Facebook that's when) then feel free to send request to Andrew Keogh on the dread Facebook. I will no doubt accept ... I'm not picky ;)

I think the solution is maybe to reproduce the lengthier Facebook posts here. It seems a shame to let go of White Rabbit completely. I'll see if I can do that ...

In the meantime, I have published a crime e-book on amazon. Here are the links to and

Go buy! Forgive the shameless spamming.



Scarlet Blue said...

I like it better here. Facebook makes me grumpy most of the time.

white rabbit said...

Chin up Scarlet Chapess ...

There's a part of me that thinks Facebook is the work of the devil but it is easier to get a reaction on it and it is more quickfire for these time pressed - erm - times. It is, it must be said, an outstandingly clever formula.

Plus you might as well complain about the weather. Okay, we all do that ... ;)

JoJo said...

I was going to ask you the other day if you had given up on your blog! FB is more instantaneous and all but I still enjoy the blogosphere. I've been posting regularly for 2 years. I do enjoy it.

savannah said...

facebook is fast, but blogging really is more fun, sweetpea! xoxoxxo

simplywondered said...

not on facebook - never have, never will. i like blogging (or rather leaving comments on friends - yes i really do think of some people online as friends - blogs and very occasionally writing something stupid on my own blog.) i like it when people visit - of course i have to put something on there for people to come and read. i do sometimes feel a bit of pressure to stick something on the blog but then i remind myself the people who visit know i am the world's laziest blogger and are pretty tolerant of my failings. and blogging should be fun - write when you want to; it's not your job (generally).
i like it when you post, rabbit and i like the people you attract. maybe that happens on facebook too. no idea.

Mahal said...

All the very best with your book WR.

Petit fleur said...

I'm with Scarlet. I do not like FB either.

Shameless spamming indeed! I love it! You go on with your bad self and good luck.

It was great to see you posting. Please do so again sometime real soon.

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Facebook is fine for saying hello to Auntie Pat in Outer Mongolia when you can't get over to the yurt for yak's milk tea but you can't write anything serious on it, it is only one step up from Twitter which is evil, the Devil's work and the lowest form of communication imaginable.

I am hardly in a position to encourage someone to keep blogging since mine is almost as dormant as Arthur's Seat nevertheless like you I lament the loss of the people's media.

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